I’m SL Stoutermire. I’m a Christian, wife, mother, author, servant for Christ, advocate, voice for the voiceless, business owner, and everything else that Christ has or will call me to be while I’m on this earth.

My books are to inspire and empower. I want you to know that you can overcome your circumstances so don’t lose faith. My books are to encourage you to follow the path that God has you on. Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you. Seek and nurture a relationship with Christ. Know Him for yourself. He’s waiting on you to call His Name. My books are for everyone. A part of my journey is to share my walk with you. I have removed any “makeup” or pretense from my life and I share my journey just as it occurs. I want each of you to know that it’s okay to not be okay. You don’t have to pretend to be okay for others if you aren’t okay. We can’t live for this world. Join me as I share my journeys and testimonies. Prayerfully, you will gain the strength and courage to remove any “makeup” you are using.

SL Stoutermire assists people with their dreams and goals. She helps them in various ways including aiding them in starting their company, writing business plans, grant writing, etc. She believes that everyone that has a vision and is willing to work towards making their vision become reality should have resources and tools available to them to do so.

SL Stoutermire is the Founder of NuVision Lifesaver Enterprises LLC. NuVision strives to be a “HOPE CHEST” for the people they serve. Her desire is that you walk in with needs, dreams, goals, etc and walk out with those needs met. Her mission is to ensure that community patterns of change are positive and that no person within a community is left behind because of social,
economic or educational circumstances.

SL Stoutermire is also the founder of Learning In Failure and Evolving LLC, SL Stoutermire LLC and one of the founders of Living In Faith and Evolving Ministries Inc. These organizations combine their services and talents to offer Health and Safety Classes and Certifications, Child Care and Caregiver Classes and Certifications, Parenting, Anger Management, Entrepreneur Courses for Adults, Teens, Tweens and Children, tutoring/mentoring services, computer training, job readiness skills and training, literacy assistance, business start up guidance and assistance, reading, math and ESL services, spiritual guidance, intervention programs for at risk youth, summer camps, various healthy living initiatives, clothing assistance, food assistance, career counseling, mental health awareness and programs, and sports programs.

SL Stoutermire is a speaker, author, advocate, certified health and safety instructor that owns her own LTP company to certify people in these areas. She’s also certified in various mental health areas that include providing services to veterans and their families. She’s certified in Adult and ESL Literacy as an Instructor. She also provides services to companies and organizations that are not seeing the financial and organizational success they feel they should be seeing. SL Stoutermire goes in and analyzes theses businesses and then restructures them internally to increase productivity and profits while decreasing waste.

SL Stoutermire speaks to various groups and organizations. She speaks at conferences, empowerment summits as well as churches. She speaks on a myriad of topics which include mental health, community issues, politics, education, sex trafficking, literacy and advocacy. She has served and continues to serve on boards and committees throughout the State of Alabama. SL
Stoutermire is also a writer for an Alabama Publication.

SL Stoutermire has received various awards and recognitions. Among these awards, she received the Certificate of Merit Award which was awarded by President Barack Obama and the American Red Cross. She’s also been awarded and recognized as an American Graduate Champion in the Community. She’s received a Commendation from the Governor of the State of Alabama as well as a Proclamation from the Mayor and City Council of Vestavia Hills.

SL Stoutermire lives in Alabama with her husband and their seven children. They spend time together as a family and serving God in the capacities that they have been called to serve. She’s an advocate for education, mental health and the advancement of all communities regardless of the zip code among other issues. She is the author of the book “Strength It’s What I Found
When I Removed My Makeup”. She’s currently working on three books set to be released in late 2017 and early 2018. In addition, SL Stoutermire is also coauthoring two books that will be released in 2017. She spends time volunteering and trying to make a difference in communities everywhere.

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