As a part of who I am and what I represent in Christ, my goal is to recognize people in our communities throughout the world that are making a positive difference in the lives of others. I want to celebrate people who are living pretense free. I want to celebrate people who are refusing to live inside of the box that so many of us are placed within and told to stay there because that’s where we belong. I want to celebrate advocates who lend there voice to the those that can’t speak for themselves. I want to celebrate small businesses and their owners who use their talents and gifts to change the circumstances of those are them. I want to celebrate the youth that refused to give up when the odds were against them. I want to celebrate the parents or single parent that is teaching their children and possibly other children and refuse to give up. I want to celebrate the people that do what they do even if they aren’t giving the financial support they need to do the work.

This page will share the story of that person, business, educator, advocate, leader, mother, father, youth, etc that does these things because they believe we must help each other and not because they are looking for the recognition.

In Christ,

SL Stoutermire



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